A Medical Device that prevents injuries, bleedings and infections associated with urinary catheter applications


Catheasy is a new, CE-certified (April 2017) method and device for catheterization and removal of urinary cathethers.


Catheterization and removal of urinary catheters frequently results in damages to the urethra and bleeding.


Catheasy is a quicker and more gentle method, using a specially designed flushing device, that causes less bleedings and removes the need for pain reducing gel.


The Catheasy method can be delegated to assistant nurses, careproviders or family since it is so quick, easy to perform and does not require any medication (lidocain). Catheasy is safe, gentle and reduces occurrence of bleedings significantly. Catheasy has a potential to reduce unnecessary hospital visits and urinary infections.

Catheasy Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

Claes Hultling, CEO, MD, Ph.,FRCPC, Associate Professor Spinalis SCI Unit Neurologkliniken Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset

Margareta Ehnebom, Medical Director Västmanland County Council

Helena Thulin, RN. MD. Department of Urology Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset

Märta Lauritzen, Urotherapist, Chef at Uroterapienheten Department of Urology Karolinska University Hospital